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24 nov. 2021 Nieuw

No Time to Die for the US dollar

9 nov. 2021

Surprising central bank policies will shape the currency market

21 okt. 2021

Bank of England steps closer to a rate hike

I think we should add an extra option, which is ''avoid''. The Turkish lira definitely falls into the avoidance category at the moment. It is such an unpredictable currency, it will be impossible to predict which way it will go. Particularly in the current environment, it provides reason to be ultra bearish on the lira.''

S3E3: No Time to Die for the US dollar

Matthew Ryan

Ebury’s Senior Marktanalist, Ebury

I think that the market pricing is more in line with reality now than it was two or three weeks ago''

S3E1: Bank of England steps closer to a rate hike

Matthew Ryan

Ebury’s Senior Marktanalist, Ebury

The Swiss franc has been the preferred safe haven compared to the Japanese yen, but this has already started to change, and it is likely to change further.''

S2E14: Calmer waters heading into a big week for the Fed and German elections

Roman Ziruk

Ebury’s Senior Marktanalist, Ebury

This week's meeting will be more interesting and important.''

S2E9: The G3 central bank meetings are coming. Here’s what our analysts expect

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez

Chief Risk Officer, Ebury

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